New Products!

This week we have several new items in addition to our already supplied Livewater farm-stand.

image12 (1)
Raw-milk aged Tomme cheese is now available!
Aged 75 days and counting, this 100% grass-fed
raw-milk cheese embodies the flavors of the farm-
land as well as possesses a uniqueness of its own.

The success of our first boil, we have fresh maple syrup
available in our farm-stand: two grades in gallons, half-
gallons, quarts, pints and half-pints.

Maple Season Strikes Off!

Its that time of year again. Seems like only last month we were breaking down all the equipment from last years maple season. The el nino winter has left us with no snow, making the process of gathering sap from our 300 + hanging buckets somewhat easier than last year, if you remember, feet of snow at times covered the ground. With some family help arriving this week and the conditions primed for a good run were ready to swing into full production.

The horses got a little dirty helping us gather sap.
image10 image11
We boiled away about 450 gallons of sap on friday, took us almost 10 hours. Made 4.75 gallons of maple syrup.

What’s at the Farm?

Currently Available:

Fresh Beef – image2
100% Grass-fed Normandy beef from our heard: Ground beef, T-bone steaks, ribeye, NY Sirloin Steak, Brisk… and more.


Fresh Pork-image5
Milk-fed Pork: Ground Pork, Chops, Fresh Ham, Roasts…and more.


Fresh Chicken-image3
Milk-fed, Free-range/ Pasture-raised Chicken: Whole birds ranging from about 3 1/2 – 5 1/2 lbs.

~All Meat is produced on Livewater Farm, free of any hormones, antibiotics or chemical pesticides. Livewater Farm’s organic/ natural practice ensures that your meat is as simple as it gets.

High Tunnels

With March right around the corner, coupled with the unseasonable  weather conditions brought on by the ‘el nino’, anticipation of the coming growing season reawakens within the farmer.
Fortunately, in 2014, through the Vermont Department of Natural Resources and Conservation Services ‘High-Tunnel Program’,  we were able to set up an additional two 21’x52′ high tunnel greenhouses for vegetable production. With these climate altering structures, we can extend the growing season on both ends!
Starting with season with cold hardy greens such as spinach, kale and mustards, the greenhouses eventually come home to a forest of tomatoes, peppers, herbs, eggplant and many other offerings.

The twin high tunnels downhill from the ‘small house’.
All currently have cold hardy greens established and ready for spring.

Raised beds of spinach and greens.

Livewater Dairy Tomme

The wheels of Livewater Tomme are aging nicely in the cooler. Although the cheese is cleared for retail after 60 days,  we all know  that ‘legal’ doesn’t always mean ‘mature’. These fellas will spend 5 to 8 months in the  controlled aging environment before they reach peak quality in flavor and texture.

Small wheels of Tomme cheese (8″) aging in the climate controlled cooler.

Three wheels of Livewater Tomme #3. Hopefully ready for eating by June.

What’s At Livewater Farm?

This week in the Livewater Farm-Stand we have:

  • Lots of fresh milk fed pork-chops, ground-pork, pork roast (buy individual cuts or a half of pig)
  • We also have fresh whole chickens, pasture-raised.

As always we provide fresh raw-cows milk and fresh eggs daily.

In the Farm-Stand you can also find:

  • Squash, Potatoes, Syrup,
  • Apple Butter, Pickled Hot-Peppers, Picked Garlic
  • Livewater Knits (Handmade Winter Hats 100%  Wool)
  • Livewater Dairy

Livewater Dairy Products

Currently available at Livewater Farm:

  • Fresh Mozzarella
  • Italian (cultured) Mozzarella
  • Fresh Burrata
  • Scamorza
  • Contandino Formaggio (Farmers Cheese)
  • Smoked Mozzarella
  • Sweet Cream Butter

Currently Available at the Putney Co-op:

  • Sweet Cream Butter

Currently Available at the Brattleboro Co-op:

  • Fresh Mozzarella
  • Fresh Burrata
  • Scamorza
  • Sweet Cream Butter

Currently Available at The Grafton Cheese Factory:

  • Scamorza



What the hay is the Barnyard?

The central location of activity on any farm. Where all the comings and goings of the day occur. If you’re looking for something, or someone this is the best pace to start. You can find farm updates and keep track of weekly comings and goings here at Livewater Farm. As if your standing in front of the barn talking to the farmer, you can be informed firsthand of whats available fresh from the farm, as well as all the cheese news coming out of Livewater Dairy, including where to find Livewater Dairy cheese and whats fresh weekly. Furthermore keep up on the small talk around the farm, projects, ideas, thoughts, events and even whats in store for the future.