A word on maturity

A rare gathering of the wheels while the aging
cooler was swiftly reorganized.

Maturity can be a matter of age, a cultural definition, a social standing, a level of experience etc. When it comes to Livewater Raw Milk Tomme it can be a matter of taste.
Traditionally a Tomme style cheese will age 4 to 6 months to achieve peak flavor and texture. In Vermont an Raw Milk Cheese must be aged 60 days minimum before sale. So even though it may be young after two months we opened one up anyway…

image12 (1)IMG_3574

This initial wheel of cheese, though young was already rich with flavor and aroma of Livewater farm and had a creamy moist texture. It was enjoyed.

Although on the young side the cheese was very eatable,  it only excited my anticipation for what a few more months may do to its development.

Longing for Green Pastures


As March rolls around the corner, hope is returned to us that we may once again see the verdant fields and rolling green hills of Spring in Vermont.

With the new year we have begun making plans so we may grow and develop along with the seasons.  Thoughts include setting up additional pasture and space for a small beef herd, expanding chicken production,  clean-up and expansion of the sugar bush, grafting of fruit trees, development of our blueberries and raspberries,a more efficient market garden as well as streamlining daily operations around the farm.

These only represent a fraction of what the future may hold, however, one can easily get carried away with their own plans and aspirations so we keep in mind those unforeseeable elements and remember one family can only handle so much. The best way to build a temple is one stone at a time.


Standing at the Farm Stand

The Farm Stand is starting to fill out as the season progresses, now fully stocked with maple syrup, with a supply of canned goods and with fresh eggs, meats, milk and products from Livewater Dairy always available, The Livewater Farm Stand is a great place to  get quality essentials. As Spring edges closer, the green houses will produce greens more and more frequently as-well, a welcome addition to the growing supply.

Pure Vermont Maple Syrup – Collected in traditional sap
buckets and gathered using a sleigh pulled by our team of
horses and boiled down on a wood fired evaporator.
Canned Goods – Pickled Eggs, Pickled Garlic
Pickled Hot Peppers and Apple Butter

Hand-pulled, farmstead fresh mozzarella. Made with
100% grass fed cows milk .