Rise up!

Tomatoes, peppers, cabbages, and herbs are underway and coming along strong. Using plain old full spectrum fluorescent tubes, we can provide enough light and just enough warmth to get these starts established before they are moved upstairs and eventually out to the greenhouses.
Four trays are comfortably lighted by four florescent tubes.
Though we are still using the old fashioned ones for now they are still relatively inexpensive to run.

Raised beds stretch down the sides of one of our high tunnel green houses. Excellent for commercial and home garden operations alike, raised beds help aid in weed control and water efficiency plus they bring the ground a little close to you. All around can make life easier.

A bed of mustard. Behind it work is being done on more of these raised beds.

Fresh spinach available daily along with mustard greens, kales and lettuces.

Let There Be Light

A guy showed up selling LED lights,
and I bought some…..

Turns out that when Joe pulled into our driveway in his brightly green painted, decaled cargo van I was ready to send him off, but then he started talking… Turns out hes been traveling the country to sell their product in the lower forty-eight . Lavalux Led lights claim to have a life span of thirty years, come with a five year warranty and supposedly can save up to $30 a year per bulb in electricity cost according to their website. The bulbs were retro fitted to go right into a regular florescent lamp, all we had to do was disconnect the ballast and direct wire in the two ends of the lamp and presto, daylight. We’ ll be on the look out for Joe’s Discovery channel show about challenging America to go green, and well keep you updated on how these light bulbs perform.

Where’s the cheese?

Pieces of cheese stand at attention, ready for delivery.
Raw milk Tomme, Scamorza, Burrata, Smoked Mozzarella
and Fresh Mozz.

Good News Everyone! Livewater Dairy’s cheese are now currently available in three new locations. In addition for finding our products at the Brattleboro Food co-op, the Putney Food co-op, The Grafton Cheese Factory and of course at Livewater Farm itself, you can get your local offerings at the Putney General Store, The Saxtons River Market and the Walpole Grocery. Furthermore my cheeses have also used by local restaurants including The Gleanery in Putney,  Rigani Pizza in Brattleboro and the Valley Cafe in Bellows Falls. Whether you’re a looking to  try a new local product, or you’re  looking for where to find our products stop in at anyone of the locations mentioned and ask about us. If you’re feeling really adventurous feel free to drive out to Livewater Farm in westminster west Vt and visit the up and coming Livewater Farm-Stand.
Using a ‘Cheese Trier’ to sample the core of the wheel
and test for maturity.

Green means Go

Regardless of the fluctuating temperatures of late, the greens have been happily growing in the warm high-tunnel climate (link to high-tunnel post).   Available at the farm, fresh greens are now in healthy supply with spinach, mustard-mix, kale, lettuce greens and more.

Spinach densely packed rows in a raised bed.

Some young sprouts peeping above the soil.