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We now have two bee colonies!

20160720_115355 20160720_115943

The Bees

This has been quite the summer for production amongst our bees. So far we have already endured two separate bee swarms- a natural occurrence a colony will undergo when maximum storage capacity has been reached. Roughly 60% of the bees will split under the guidance of the queen bee with all the honey spoils to a new location scouted by drone bees, leaving the remaining bees to reconstruct the old hive under the guidance of a new queen that the previous queen will hatch before her departure. We were not able to forecast that our bees would swarm after their first two weeks of operating under a two layer hive setup, and the bee swarm was lost to the great abyss of nature.

It’s an ongoing job to manage storage frames and prevent their honey bee quarters from becoming too tight. To fortify the hive with plenty of space, we installed a third level on top to give the bees additional storage frames.


But even three layers just wasn’t enough to accommodate for the rapid bee production of Summer 2016, and two weeks after the first swarm, we underwent a second unforeseen occurrence…

IMG_5060 (1)

A second swarm! Tens of thousands of the bees have split yet again in search of a new home. As seen in the picture above, they have set up camp here on this sleigh while they await new coordinates from drone bees on where to settle next.


But not so fast! We successfully embarked upon a treacherous and high risk mission to infiltrate their base camp and encapsulate the queen and her serfs in this box, thus claiming back our right of ownership to the colony.

20160720_115355 20160720_115943

After the mistake of losing the first swarm, we underwent the initiative of building a neighboring hive to give our remaining bees a ye old castle to settle in.

trials to be continued….