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Featuring chili peppers


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habanero peppers


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jalapeno peppers


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bell peppers


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And lastly, sweet peppers


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Adventures Among the Bees

This past week we opened up the bee castle for the first time since the royalty arrived on Livewater farm. The bees have been busy since they were dropped here collecting nectar and pollinating all around the farm.

A few puffs of smoke calms down the bees as I prepare to breach their home.

After about ten days I figured the bees would have filled out most of the available space. Upon opening the lid I could see the bees had started filling out three of the four new frames. This confirmed my anticipations of needing to add the new deep super with ten fresh frames so they could comfortably expand to the second floor.

Once I had inspected to my satisfaction, I added the second box, careful sliding in over so as not to crush any of my new serfs. All the while puffing smoke to keep them calm.

With additions complete I replaced the cover and admired by happily buzzing hive.


Raw Milk: Have you herd?


“Raw milk” is the term used to define milk we consume which is not   pasteurized. The Pasteurization process requires that the milk be heated to a minimum of 145°F for at least 30 min. This is done to ensure that any harmful biotic element present in the milk will cease to exist. Milk as it occurs naturally is a rich microbiotic environment the composition of which is heavily influenced by the conditions of the animal along with what they are fed and the environment in which they exist. The majority of these micro organisms present in the milk are beneficial to our human digestion and the overall health of our own bodily flora. Unfortunately the pasteurization of raw milk may not only destroy any harmful elements but will most certainly affect the positive biological elements if not eliminate them entirely.


In our culture of mass food production and distribution, steps like this are absolutely necessary. Without preventative elements like pasteurization, incidents of contamination, harmful or not, would be widespread. However a lucky few in this country have options. People everywhere are remembering  that raw milk was a part of human diet for thousands of years and are now actively trying to reintroduce it to our daily lives. If you are lucky you may be able to find a farm near you that produces and sells raw milk, or may know someone who does.


Here at Livewater Farm we are proud to provide some of the highest quality raw milk in our area. 100% grass fed, our dairy heard has been developed over the previous fifteen years to provide us with optimum quality milk: fresh, rich and produced using only the most organic methods. For over two decades we have been providing raw milk to our local community and neighbors. Open daily we welcome new customers and encourage the community to embrace and support local agriculture while providing the very best to yourself and your family.

Green means Go

Regardless of the fluctuating temperatures of late, the greens have been happily growing in the warm high-tunnel climate (link to high-tunnel post).   Available at the farm, fresh greens are now in healthy supply with spinach, mustard-mix, kale, lettuce greens and more.

Spinach densely packed rows in a raised bed.

Some young sprouts peeping above the soil.