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Raw Milk Tomme

With each passing week, we here at Livewater Farm & Dairy get to experience the first cut of yet another new wheel of aged cheese. This breaking of rind brings about an excitement which is  often met with a satisfaction or even pleasant surprise.  As the cheese maker gains experience, the wheels age to maturity ad the conditions are continually being refined and re-tuned, cutting in to each wheel is a new and exciting learning experience, and it only gets better as we go along.


An cut wheel of Raw Milk Tomme #1 ready for markets.
This 20 lb wheel was aged approximately 160 days and really embodies the flavor and texture in a cheese we strive for; semi-firm creamy and blooming with rich, natural earthy flavors from our 100% grass fed cows milk.

The most recent of our explorations into the cave brought us this small wheel of tomme # 10. Aged about 96 days this younger wheel provides a youthful less blended array of flavors, with defined earthy tones.

As our cheese making adventure continues we will further refine and isolate those characteristics of the cheese we wish to purvey, this involves defining a size, constant conditions and defined term of aging. However experimentation is always important so make sure to join us at the farm or farmers markets each week to keep your pallet up to date with the Livewater Raw Milk Tomme.

Where’s the cheese?

Pieces of cheese stand at attention, ready for delivery.
Raw milk Tomme, Scamorza, Burrata, Smoked Mozzarella
and Fresh Mozz.

Good News Everyone! Livewater Dairy’s cheese are now currently available in three new locations. In addition for finding our products at the Brattleboro Food co-op, the Putney Food co-op, The Grafton Cheese Factory and of course at Livewater Farm itself, you can get your local offerings at the Putney General Store, The Saxtons River Market and the Walpole Grocery. Furthermore my cheeses have also used by local restaurants including The Gleanery in Putney,  Rigani Pizza in Brattleboro and the Valley Cafe in Bellows Falls. Whether you’re a looking to  try a new local product, or you’re  looking for where to find our products stop in at anyone of the locations mentioned and ask about us. If you’re feeling really adventurous feel free to drive out to Livewater Farm in westminster west Vt and visit the up and coming Livewater Farm-Stand.
Using a ‘Cheese Trier’ to sample the core of the wheel
and test for maturity.